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In Kyrgyzstan, human rights defender Kamil Ruziev is facing forgery charges that appear to have been brought in retaliation for his human rights work, in particular his efforts to hold security service officials accountable for torture and threats against his person. The Kyrgyzstani authorities should immediately drop the charges against Ruziev, protect him against persecution and investigate the complaints he has filed about human rights violations, the Association for Human Rights in Central Asia (AHRCA), Civil Rights Defenders (CRD), International Partnership for Human Rights (IPHR), the Norwegian Helsinki Committee (NHC) and School of Law (SL) said today.

Since 29 April 2015 a breastfeeding mother of a 5-month old baby is detained in a pre-trial detention facility.

On 7 August 2016 a fire damaged 10 houses, private buildings on Shamshad Street in the Kara-Suu District of the Osh Region of Kyrgyzstan.

Tax authorities of Kyrgyzstan demanded to pay a tax on vehicle owners do not have control over.



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