Sun, May

torture prevention
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Association for Human Rights in Central Asia has received a letter signed by prisoner detained in colony 64/1 in Chirchiq.

It states: in this prison colony, there are only 20 toilets for thousands of prisoners (note from our organisation: about 4 thousand people). The prisoners have to stand in line for up to four hours to get to the toilet. Many people suffer from diseases of the genitourinary system, including urinary incontinence. The elderly and very young alike are embarrassed by the natural need and the smell of urine. The deputy head of the colony 64/1, Tulkin Tukhtasinov, not only simply ignores the treatment of prisoners, he also uses the lack of toilets in the "disciplinary purposes". He is especially mistreats political and religious. Prisoners. This is a very evil and cruel man.

The name of the author of the letter is known to us, it is withheld on his request.