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political prisoners
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Sentenced in Uzbekistan for treason to 16 years in jail a citizen of Russia Yuri Korepanov returned to Yekaterinburg. He served 10 months of his sentence under these absurd charges. Now he is restoring his health.
29 August 2011 Yuri Korepanov left Uzbekistan. 11 January 2011 Military Tribunal of Uzbekistan sentenced him to 16 years of imprisonment.
30 October 2010 Korepanov was detained by border service of Uzbekistan at the station Keles at the Uzbekistan-Kazakhstan border. After that he was sentenced to 1 year of imprisonment under Article 223 of the Criminal Code of Uzbekistan (“Unlawful exit or entry to the Republic of Uzbekistan”) and to 15 years of imprisonment under Article 157 of the Criminal Code of RU for “treason to the State in favour the Russian Federation”.
Yuri Korepanov was born on 20 March 1947 in the village of Pokrovskoye Alapaev district of Sverdlovskaya Province.
In 1967 he graduated with honours the Tashkent Higher Tank School. He started his career as a commander of a cadet platoon and finished as a commander of a battalion and a teacher of the military higher school in Tashkent. He graduated from the Military Academy of the Armoured Troops named after the Marshal of the Soviet Union R.Ya. Malinovsky. After that he was seconded to Tashkent as a teacher? It the military chair of the Institute of Irrigation and mechanisation of agriculture of Uzbekistan.
In 2002 he completed military service in the rank of a colonel and in the position of a head of the military chair of that Institute. He is a pensioner of the Ministry of Defence of Russia. He was awarded with numerous orders and medals of the Ministry of Defence of the USSR and Ministry of Defence of Uzbekistan.
Retired Col. Yuri Korepanov received permission to leave Uzbekistan during the UN Human Rights session whose agenda included his case.
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