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One of the stories about how the Sharifhodzhaev brothers dealt with entrepreneurs
In late August we received a few reports of death of the former owner of a retail chain "Comfort-Elites" Najmiddin Abdujabbarov, born in 1977.
Not so long ago, they used to speak of him as a young successful entrepreneur and there was nothing to foretell the signs of trouble. The business was run by three of the Abdujabbarov brothers. They established a business of imports from the best manufacturers of furniture.
The JV «KOMFORT LTD» is a network of six outlets in various parts of Tashkent. This business has grown rapidly, but not primarily because of the shortage of furniture or the monopoly in the market. The business growth was ensured by protection of high-ranking officials close to the family of dictator Islam Karimov. Influential people in law enforcement agencies also helped. It was said that the Abdujabbarovs are almost always able to negotiate with the government officials. But it turned out that this is not true.
In 2011 Najmiddin Abdujabbarov was suddenly arrested, his shops were sealed, goods confiscated. A trial took place; Najmiddin, his older brother and a chief accountant by the name of Aziz (we could not find out his last name) were arrested. All were charged with violation of financial rules. It seems that they were sentenced for long terms. One of the brothers managed to escape by going abroad.
According to our sources, majority of persons convicted in this criminal case were subjected to torture and ill-treatment during the investigation. The investigation was conducted in violation of due process, including the procedures for appeal. The investigating authorities, Prosecutor's Office and the Court knew that Najmiddin Abdujabbarov suffered from a fatal disease. But he was sentenced to a long term imprisonment and sent to the prison colony of general regime UY 64/32 in the Pap district of Namangan region. It contains more than 3,500 prisoners. In this colony, he contracted tuberculosis. He was then sent to the Zarafshan regional prison for TB patients, and from there to Tashkent Prison (Tash-Turma). In 2013, he was released for health reasons.
Soon, Najmiddin Abdujabbarov found the strength to start the procedure of appeal. He tried to get his confiscated property back. Abdujabbarov was very surprised to find out that some of the documents transferred their business, and they were signed by him. When could Abdujabbarov have done it? He could not remember, say people close to him. As Abdujabbarov acknowledged, he remembers little of what happened to him in the detention centre of Uzbek National Security Service located in Krasnogvardeyskaya Street.
According to different sources, the officers are known for usage of psychotropic substances and torture. In the past persons linked to terrorism were kept at the detention centre of the National Security Services. But, since the Sharishkhodjaev brothers came here, many other entrepreneurs, including foreign investors, had to walk the corridors of the National Security Services.  
The Sharifhodzhaev brothers invented a property appropriation machine and ruined successful enterprises with foreign capital or private equity in Uzbek. According to the accounts of our applicants, they were forced under torture to assign their property. If they refused, their property was confiscated by a Court order, and then auctioned off to the instigators. The Sharifhodzhaev brothers participated in ruining of many large businesses. Now in Uzbekistan they control almost all of the big business, through officials or leaders of the criminal world, such as Nizam Jumayev whose popular nickname is "Executioner ?1».
Our attempts to find out who owns "Comfort Elite" now did not return a definite answer. Most likely, the new owners are legally considered to be bona fide purchasers. The robbed entrepreneurs are unable to protect their own interests, as in the case of the owners of "Comfort Elite".  Najmiddin Abdujabbarov died, his brother is in the Zhaslyk prison, and it seems for many years. Another brother is on the run, and certainly more concerned with how to keep his family and the family of brothers.
That is what happens to those who are not able to reach an agreement with Hayot and Jawdat Sharifhodzhaevys. They become victims of repression organised by the brothers.
Hayot Sharifhodzhaev became widely known after his victorious march during the Andijan massacre. Soon his career quickly took off. On the day of celebration of the 16th anniversary of independence ofUzbekistan, Islam Karimov awarded him the Order of "Shon Sharaf» of IIdegree. His appointment to the post of the First Deputy Chairman of the National Security Service responsible for fighting economic crimes assured Hayot Sharifhodzhaev of his impunity more. He works hand in hand with his sibling Jawdat, who oversaw the Department for Fighting against Corruption and Organised Crime of the National Security Service of Uzbekistan. In 2009, in celebrationof the 18th anniversary of Uzbekistan's independence Jawdat Sharifhodzhaev wasawarded the order of "Shon-Sharaf» of II degree.
For some time the brothers served Gulnara, the eldest daughter of dictator Islam Karimov. Sharifhodzhaevys’ victims include investors from Turkey, Russia, Uzbek citizens with property abroad, such as the Baltic States or Dubai (UAE). They ruined the people and hid them behind bars for many years.
Weaning of successful business has become typical in Uzbekistan. Greedy "law enforcement officers" turn the successful entrepreneurs into "criminals". It is a proven practice in the country, led by the corrupt. The fate of many of the victims is similar to Abdujabbarov’s fate. The owner of the market, "Bek Barraka" is subjected to the same practice, although he was a former employee of the Prosecutor's Office and enjoyed the support of the Karimov family, through one of his daughters. For the time being, he is managing to avoid arrest, but it is unlikely he will be able to keep his property.
The so-called helpers of Gulnara Karimova, Lola Karimova-Tillaevoy, and Tillaev are touring Europe and the United States. In the relevant embassies they are issued a visa as the household staff of the presidential family. All these persons are handpicked by the National Security Services. They are really trusted not only by the daughters, but also by their mother, Tatyana Karimova, a very powerful woman in Uzbekistan. All of their affiliates have several foreign passports. One of these people has a residence permit of the United States, he moved his family there. In the interests of the investigation we are withholding the personal data for now.
There is evidence that two months ago, the household personnel of the Karimovs family was warned that it was time to leave the country. This suggests that all the "revelations" of criminal groups headed by Rustam Madumarov and Gayane Avakian and the Sharifhodzhaev brothers was just destruction. And a reference made to "G. Karimova" in a press release of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Uzbekistan on 8 September 2014 was just an attempt to appease the disgruntled and critics of the regime.
The actively spreading rumours about the resignation the Sharifhodzhaevs brothers are not yet officially confirmed. Apparently, bargaining is still on-going. But no doubt torture of businessmen in the basement of the National Security Service does not stop. No one is reviewing the cases of entrepreneurs convicted by the Sharifhodzhaeves brothers. History of Gulnara Karimova is full of surprises and all the more mysterious, but it has a little effect on the position of the family. Islam Karimov remains in power.
It is clear that under the current regime the law enforcement system will remain completely opaque. And first of all, that is because its representatives, in their pursuit of their personal interests, cleverly conceal evidence of those crimes, and receive high government awards for doing so.
Nadezhda Atayeva