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torture prevention
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On 14 July 2015 a Belorussian lawyer was able to meet her client Shabnam Khudoydodova, as reported by her sister Mijgona Khudoydodova.
Shabnam Khayrulloevna KHUDOYDODOVA was born on 20 December 1986 in the city of Kulyab of the Tajikistan SSR. She has an underage daughter.
In social networks, she actively supported the critical opinions of the political opposition of Tajikistan, she emphasised the need for democratic reforms in her home country. Whenever she could, Ms Hudoydodova participated in humanitarian rallies in support of Tajik migrant workers.
The arrested activist of the Group 24, declared in the wanted list by Tajikistan via Interpol, is in the Pre-trial Detention Centre No.7 (of the MIA of Belarus). As it transpired, Shabnam was arrested on 13 June, not 15 June as we reported previously. For the initial three days, she was detained in the Temporary Detention Centre of the Border Control Services. Later, she was transferred to the Investigations Detention Centre in the city of Brest.
As we learned, Shabnam Khudoyberganova claimed asylum in Belarus and her application is pending. Shabnam has no complaints regarding the conditions of her detention and the way she is treated. She is extremely concerned about the threat of forced return to Tajikistan.
Association for Human Rights in Central Asia (AHRCA) welcomes granting access for the lawyer to represent Shabnam Khudoydodova. This is a very important step in ensuring the protection of her fundamental right to defence.
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