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I sent my letter addressed to Boboburod Abdullayev to the Court.
Dear Bobomurod,
I wish you always a good health!
I am write to you to express my gratitude for your faith in justice. Your voice has already attracted the attention of millions of people living in different countries. Once again I am being convinced that freedom of speech is the most effective principle, even when it is deadly dangerous to tell the truth.
These proceedings have already become an indicator of the entire judicial system of Uzbekistan. You see, this trial has brought together those whom you wrote for and for whose sake you risked. Only those whose immoral and criminal actions are exposed, those who do not believe in the spirit of the minority are distancing themselves.
Bobomurod, allow me to express my solidarity with you, because I share your faith in justice. Yet again I am finding a proof that even a single person, who is defending his rights, can create conditions for observance of the rights of millions of citizens.
There will come a time when the courts in Uzbekistan will be independent, and the Constitution will become the fundamental law. You have already contributed to this process.
With respect and best wishes,
Nadejda Atayeva
 28 March 2018, France