Sun, May

ethnic strife
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A DVD, contents of which is flooded with episodes of violence, consequences of  recent inter ethnic conflict and nationalistic statements, is openly being sold in Osh for 1USD.  This film is distributed on the Western market of Osh. The information obtained by our organisation says the market is fully controlled by mayor of Osh city. We call The Prosecutor-General’s office to ban  the distribution of such a video recording.
The DVD has erotic images on the cover, however, the contents of the DVD has nothing to do with the cover image. The first video shot starts with the headline: «Tragic events from 10.06.2010 11.06.2010 in Osh, Kyrgyzstan. Separatist Uzbeks were brutally and violently killing innocent Kyrgyz people!!! ”
The photos and the video shots are accompanied by nationalistic statements, directed against ethnic Uzbeks, for almost one hour. These videos are far from being amateur recordings, they all are the materials of law enforcement agencies. The scenes were recorded on the crime spots, morgues, hospitals and other institutions with limited access.
The rumours about new upcoming slaughter have been spreading in Osh.  The wave of refugees revived again. In public transport and other public places Uzbeks are being openly threatened by people who look like ethnic Kyrgyz.  Uzbeks are warned to be cut into pieces if they don’t leave “Kyrgyz land” within five days. The school attendances have dropped from 30 to 4 pupils per class.
A local woman, with trembling voice, said: “There are a lot of strangers in the town again!” and begged to save at least her children. Our sources also report that many people from different parts of Kyrgyzstan simultaneously arrived to Osh.
The local residents do not believe that peacekeepers would ever arrive, they also lost their faith in completion of their houses before winter, or establishment of justice by the authorities.
The Association for Human Rights in Central Asia calls the Prosecutor-General of Republic of Kyrgyzstan to suppress illegal and incorrect actions of those, who spread information that feeds inter-ethnic conflict.