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On 7 September 2018 in Paris, the second court hearing took place upon a lawsuit regarding honour, dignity and professional reputation of Nadejda Atayeva, President of the Association for Human Rights in Central Asia (France), against Mutabar Tadjibaeva, leader of the human rights organization Burning Hearts Club (France).
At the hearing, court considered the motion filed by Mutabar Tadjibaeva’s lawyer to decline the lawsuit upon procedural grounds. The object of discussion became the procedural mechanisms and their practical application in similar cases. The essence of Mutabat Tadjibayeva argument (complaint) is that the exact sentences for deletion are not given in the complaint. Nadejda Atayeva’s lawyer was guided by procedural norms, which envisage total removal of publications containing false and insulting statements. With regard to the ungrounded statements made by Mutabar against lawyer Valery Kojevnikov, she repudiates them blaming the mistake made by the police. The decision made by lawyer Valery Kojevnikov not to continue the argument is explained by his wish to avoid possible conflict of interest and devote his time to the defense of Nadejda Atayeva.
Court heard the parties and will announce its decision on 9 November 2018.
Nadejda Atayeva’s lawsuit has not been considered by merit yet, therefore, the court proceedings are continuing.
Concurrently, court proceedings are under way in Germany against the organization “Uzbekistan Press Freedom Group e.V.”, Bukharbaeva berlin“centre1.com” and its editor Galima Bukharbaeva and the president of the organization “Uzbekistan Press Freedom Group e.V.” Tatyana Gurevich and one more official – Annette Wiedene in conjunction with false and insulting statements about Nadejda Atayeva in the publications posted on the site “centre1.com”. Prosecutor of Berlin registered Nadejda  Atayeva’s complaint. Parties are waiting for the investigation results.
Over the past year, authors of the sites “mutabar.org” and “centre1.com» posted more than 100 publications containing false and insulting statements against Nadejda Atayeva and Association for Human Rights in Central Asia and its partners. The frequency of publications and the dissemination of knowingly false information damaging the honour and dignity of another person has assumed a systemic nature and reflected on the security of several civil society activists. Nadejda Atayeva applied to judicial and law enforcement organizations in order to take persons in question and their partners to court.
Association for Human Rights in Central Asia abstains from comments on the content of articles published on the sites “mutabar.org” and “centre1.com” on principle. We await legal assessment of the actions of the authors. This legal procedure obliges the authors to substantiate their allegations, otherwise they will be held liable.
We are grateful to all who support us and maintain their trust.